Life @ DigitalRoute

Why work at DigitalRoute

True tech company

Our product is the core of our company. Its magical capabilities entitle us be on a journey innovating new business models with some of the world’s strongest brands. We can promise you extraordinary challenges every day within fields such as IoT, cloud computing and big data.

Create your own platform for growth

We are a team of highly talented people and we offer great opportunities for growth in our collaborative environment. We have a flat organization without excessive layers of management, in which we empower you to build your platform and together with us shape tomorrow’s Digitalroute.

We play on a global arena

With 225 employees spread over 21 different countries, we are a true global company and you will for sure experience our global reach. Many of us are frequent travelers, visiting costumers and colleagues all across the globe. Maybe you will be next to take part of our global job rotation program?

Meet the Team!

Our employees are our greatest asset. Read more about your potential colleagues below.

Customer Acquisition

Johan Eriksson

Senior Solution Architect

What makes you proud, working at DigitalRoute?
”I have been working for DigitalRoute for more than 18 years, and I still feel that I develop my skills every year. DigitalRoute develops on-the-edge technology for any industry and we are working in an international environment with very skilled and supportive colleagues.”

Product & Technology

German San Agustin

Product Manager

What do you like the most about your job at DigitalRoute?

"The people. Everybody is engaged and welcoming so it is very easy to find the energy to come to the office every morning."

Product & Technology

Ahmad Farouq

Test Engineer

What makes DigitalRoute unique to you?
"For me, the unique of the company is putting the employees first. As an example, in R&D everyone will do a rotation of 2 months to another team in different regions to share knowledge as well to improve our collaboration."

Business Support

Jessica Hamling

Office Manager

What made you say ”Yes!” to your job at DigitalRoute?
"I choose to join DigitalRoute for 3 main reasons. We are on an extremely exciting journey towards becoming a key enabler of shaping the business models of tomorrow. The people working at Digitalroute are fun, skillful and ambitious. And finally I got the opportunity to work for a fantastic manager."

Business Support

Silvia Huashuayo


What do you like the most about your job at DigitalRoute?

"I love my job because people care about me as a person and about my professional growth. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals."

Customer Acquisition

Konstantin Gritsis

Global Lead of Solutions Architects

What is our culture like?

"We have a “can do” attitude. We encourage people to “create their own space” in the company by focusing where they can make the strongest positive impact."

Customer Success

Kim Hansson

DevOps Engineer/Scrum Master

What do you like the most about your job at Digital Route?
"My colleagues. I am very thankful to get to work with such highly motivated people every day. DigitalRoute is full of experts with a lot of passion for their work"

Customer Success

Josefin Malmqvist

Chief Customer Officer


Choose your tech gear

While here you will get your choice of daily working tools – Mac or PC, MacOS, Windows or your favourite Linux distribution.

Work-life balance

We understand that you have a life outside the office too. And we want you to. We know that you need to balance the two to be at your best.

We believe in an active lifestyle

We want to support your choice of a healthy lifestyle. That is why we provide an annual contribution for health activities.

Global introduction days

We want you to have a great start at your time with us regardless of where in the world you are. Therefor we fly in all new employees to our HQ in Stockholm to our global introduction days.

Flexible public holidays

Your heritage and beliefs don't always match the public holiday schedule of the country you are employed in. We want to make it fair, official and easy giving all of you the possibility to celebrate holidays closest to your hearts on equal terms.

We got you covered

Affraid that something bad will happen? Don't sweat it! We have all the insurances you'll need so that you can put your focus where it should be.

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