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Business Support is the backbone of Digitalroute, making sure everything runs smoothly. We consists of HR, Finance and Marketing and if you enjoy adding value by supporting and anticipating the business needs of a company on a transformation journey – this is the place for you!

Job openings

Below you can find all our current job openings. If you find one that suits you, let us know by applying today!

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Job title: QA & Security Lead
Job category: Product & Technology
Location: Stockholm
Apply by: 2019-10-31
Job category: Business Support
Location: Stockholm
Apply by: 2019-09-30

Meet the Team!

Read more about your potential colleagues below and why they choose to work at DigitalRoute

HR Manager

Kristoffer Jaworska Persson

What made you say ”Yes!” to your job at DigitalRoute?

"I choose to join DigitalRoute for 3 main reasons. We are on an extremely exciting journey towards becoming a key enabler of shaping the business models of tomorrow. The people working at Digitalroute are fun, skillful and ambitious. And finally I got the opportunity to work for a fantastic manager."


Silvia Huashuayo

What do you like the most about your job at DigitalRoute?

"I love my job because people care about me as a person and about my professional growth. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals."