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The world is changing in the way we consume products, from ownership to usership, and DigitalRoute is positioned in the centre of the transition. Because, when enterprises pivot to usage-based business models, they often make an unfortunate discovery. Their systems weren’t built to handle the massive data volumes and complexity that usage-based models generate. This causes them to leak revenue and respond too slowly to customer demand. DigitalRoute solves this by creating a real-time usage data layer for enterprises. Our products transform raw usage data into clear information for billing, in real time and at high scale. 

In this role you will be leading the engineering team building our flagship product: MediationZoneThe product is deployed across the globe by many large and iconic brands, in some of the most demanding environments in terms of data volumes. In addition to that it is also used in many different industries, from retail to high tech to travel as well as very heavily in telecommunications where we have our roots.  Our 2021 strategy is focused on growth as we expand our footprint in different industries through new partnerships. 

As Head of Engineering at DigitalRoute you will

  • You will lead our largest engineering team: about 50 people strong (and growing), 6 scrum teams split across 3 main development centers around the world. Your direct reports will be the managers of each scrum team 
  • You will take pride in building culture and processes, multiplying the success of your team's work and growth. You will establish a strong culture of engineering excellence and pride. 
  • Together with our Lead Product Manager and our Lead Architect you will form the product triad responsible for delivering a successful product to the market. The trio will ensure that the product is fit-to-market, technologically forward-looking and delivered on time with quality. 
  • You will conduct resource planning, identify needed skills and resources. You will attract, recruit and retain top talents through leadership and coaching 
  • You will constantly reassess the ways of working for the team, in conjunction with other key Engineering stakeholders: product management, quality management, release management, etc. 

Working at DigitalRoute is a fun experience, where you will be working with passionate and knowledgeable usage-based monetization nerds, that works with our customers in mind, to help to change the way we consume products and services. We believe everyone in our R&D organization (“ProdTech”) should be an opiniated technology enthusiast and advocate. 

We think that you

  • You bring the strong technical background needed to establish a relation of trust and respect with your team. 
  • You are attentive and have the data-driven approach to engineering needed to build and ship a complex and demanding product. 
  • You have a strong sense of ownership and pride when it comes to product quality, performance, fit-to-market. 
  • You are opiniated and well-versed in Java, CI/CD, Agile and Scrum development practices, modern dev infrastructure (Git, Jenkins, Sonarqube, Jira, etc.) and cloud-native technologies (Kubernetes, Docker, AWS/GCP/Azure, etc.)  
  • You have led medium to large-sized teams (and ideally managed managers) and know how to create autonomy and foster innovation while still ensuring accountability. 
  • You have experience working and managing teams across timezones and cultures. 
  • You can contribute to and align with the company’s business strategy and have the enthusiasm needed to rally the teams behind it. 
  • You bring a fair amount of pragmatism, the ability to trade-off and unite behind common decisions. 
  • You believe quality is not a job but a philosophy that everyone in an Engineering organization needs to embrace. 
  • You love to learn new technologies and keep architects on their toes. 

About DigitalRoute

DigitalRoute has the only platform that is purpose built to convert raw usage data into billable items. This enables companies to capitalize on the growing wave of usage-based business models. More than 400 companies rely on our platform for usage-based monetization, quote-to-cash automation, finance system consolidation and telecom mediation. We deliver extreme precision in the most complex environments in the world. We’re the new standard for usage-based revenue.

We are a profitable, global company of 250 employees. With our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, we have offices around the globe, from Kuala Lumpur to Atlanta.

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Nicolina Elm


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