Cloud Engineer

It is highly probable that at some point in time your data has passed through technology from DigitalRoute. If you turn on the heating in your house, travel by airplane, buy a train ticket or make a call with your phone from anywhere in the world! There is a great chance that the company behind these services use our technology to work with their data. You may not know about us, but the companies you trust to provide these daily services certainly do.


At our office, located in the center of Stockholm, we promote self-organizing cross-functional teams, a flat hierarchy and flexible working hours to give all our employees a good work/life balance. Because of our large customer base, each with a different set of requirements, there is always a new challenge and you will most certainly find projects that align with your passions. 

We think you:

·       Have an interest to learn more about AWS and Terraform to build and run scalable solutions in the Cloud.

·       Have worked in challenging environments with exciting technologies and tools, learnt a lot and are ready for more.

·       Are a team player who thrives in an environment where solving technically challenging problems on a daily basis is the norm.

·       Like to develop into certain areas, be it AWS, Machine Learning, Docker, Kubernetes, performance optimization or Blockchain.

·       Have experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Python, JavaScript, Java or Go.

·       Have an interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed. 

As a Cloud Engineer at DigitalRoute you will:

·       Have your head in the cloud and reach new heights in AWS together with us.

·       Build, operate SaaS and PaaS solutions based on DigitalRoute technology in AWS.

·       Be a part of our DevOps journey, scaling up our organization with some more DevOps and development teams, moving the business to the cloud.

·       Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software.

·       Drive change where it is needed.

·       Create gargantuan scale data processing solutions with real-time performance demands.


You also love table tennis, chess, football, brain wracking games or a good time at the pub across the street. All work and no play is not the DigitalRoute way!

For questions: +46722270230

About us

At DigitalRoute we have been providing new approaches to data integration and management since 2000. Our technology offers a unique degree of user configurability, processing all usage and statistical data extracted from the networks leading to great cost efficiencies, improved time-to-market and higher customer satisfaction for our customers. DigitalRoute is built on the core values of Expertise, Open-Mindness, and Commitment and has close to 200 employees, head quarters in Stockholm and regional offices in Atlanta and Kuala Lumpur. DigitalRoute is a venture-backed, privately-held company.

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